Concrete Swimming Pools in Adelaide

Thousands of Pools, Each one Unique

Alpha Pools have built literally thousands of concrete pools over more than two decades. In fact, we're proud to have built multiple pools for customers each time they have moved home.

Why Concrete?

Well, if fiberglass pools were so great you'd see them in hotels, public installations and featured in magazines. All said and done a fiberglass pool looks like a poor imitation of the real thing.

For example, an Alpha Concrete Pool:

  • can be built to any shape, size & depth
  • builds-in a beautiful surround (e.g. brick pavers, sandstone, even rocks) that provides superb continuity with your surrounding paving - for that professional look
  • is finished internally in a variety of colours and textures
  • can easily be customised to include features such as spas, underwater ledges and waterfalls

"Not all concrete pools are created equal"

Like any other concrete structure, building a highly durable pool requires:

  • the highest grades of purpose made concrete
  • no compromises in the type and quantity of steel reinforcement utilised
  • careful placement of the above, i.e. "hand- picked" tradesmen
  • Close supervision of all of the above


Remember, your pool should last longer than the typical lifespan of many pool companies. Short-cuts are not always obvious. Pool buyers are well advised to consider a builder's professionalism when assessing a proposal.

The Pool of a Lifetime

A pool built by Alpha Pools using One-Steel reinforcing and Boral concrete, constructed to meet and exceed the Australian Standard (AS2783) will last a lifetime. It actually gets stronger as it ages.

Our pool's quality relies as much on our professional approach as it does on a list of obvious features. As a guide however, below are some of the features clients enjoy with even the most humble Alpha pool.

General Minimum Inclusions

Engineering and Statutory

Bore log sampling and soil report
Local council application fees
Engineering design and calculations
Building Indemnity insurance

Structural Works

All excavation costs and soil disposal
12mm reinforcing at 200mm or better
150mm+ concrete walls (up to 36MPA)
Meets & exceeds AS 2783 and 3600

Water Filtration System

Over capacity 25” Astral or Onga Sand filter
Internal and external pressure plumbing
Solar heating connections provisions
1.5hp Astral or Onga Pump and Motor
Quiptron safety skimmer box
Hydrostatic relief valves in floor of pool

Finishes to Interior and Surrounds

400mm width Urbanstone or Quantumstone coping
Mosaic tiles, 300mm at waterline
Quartz interior or light-blue marble-plaster
Steps and swim-seats finished to match


All cleaning equipment
Final tidying of site at completion
Complete tuition in pool maintenance


Concrete Swimming Pools in Adelaide