Swimming Pools Price List

Stern's Salt Water Pools

In the past the option of a salt chlorinated pool was not possible with a modular pool. Since then with the use of state of the art technology this luxury has not only become possible, but highly sought after.

Why so popular? With water that feels smoother, skin that will feel softer and perhaps feeling that bit more refreshed its no wonder that salt chlorinated pools are considered the better, healthier swimming experience.

With careful design and attention to detail, Stern's have produced a pool that is highly resistant to corrosion by replacing traditional metallic components with resin and adding extra protection to any metallic components that cannot be replaced.

The outcome – a pool that will work perfectly in any water situation.


  • Resin top coping, rounded for safety and ribbed for grip which is fully UV treated for the Australian sun

  • Resin vertical posts which are fully UV treated

  • All metallic components have been either plas-coated or electro-coated for added protection to the existing galvanic protection

  • Marine grade nuts and bolts designed for saltwater use. With a 20 year limited warranty against manufactured faults, this resin pool will give you years of summer fun


Liner Colours- Every Stern's pool comes with a light or dark liner as a standard but a variety of premium printed options are also available. All liners are made by stern's here in Australia from true 0.5mm heavy duty material and backed by a 10 year limited warranty

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Why an Above Ground Pool?

Amenities once available only for in-ground pools such as fountains, lighting, decking and landscaping can now be added to your aboveground pool.

Above ground pools:

  • are fast and relatively easy to install ( & move)are available in a large range of sizes, interior and exterior colours and patterns

  • can be installed partly or wholly in the ground - can also be installed on sloping sites where other pool structures are difficult / impossible

  • offer outstanding value for money


All Packages include

  • Superior Heavy duty .5mm liner (midnight blue or Light Blue)

  • Quality Astral Filtration Systems

  • Handover Kit inc Test Kit, scoop, brush, pole, vacuum head, 13m hose

  • Safety ladder (A-Frame or deck versions)

  • Wide mouth heavy duty skimmer box